Making the Most of Your Stopover in Singapore: A Solo Female Traveler’s Guide



Singapore travel tips



On my return from my latest trip to Bali this year, I faced a layover choice—either in Australia or Singapore on the way back to New Zealand. Keen on exploring somewhere different, I seized the opportunity to turn the layover into a stopover.

The last time I was in Singapore, I was only 9 years old, so I was excited to experience Changi Airport and the renowned “Jewel” and explore more of what the city had to offer.

As a budget traveler, Singapore initially seemed more expensive, but with some research and on-the-ground exploration, I discovered affordable dining options and fantastic activities.

The city was not only super safe but also incredibly easy to navigate using services like GoJek or Grab, commonly found in other Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia.

Despite being a tiny country of only 734 square kilometers with a population of 5.45 million, Singapore felt less crowded than expected.

During my short stay, I didn’t encounter congested traffic, thanks to the convenience of a 30-minute GoJek ride from the airport to the city center.



Here are some personal tips and recommendations if you’re planning a short stay in Singapore


Singapore travel tips






Changi Airport – A Traveler’s Wonderland



 Just WOW! Whether you’re arriving or departing what a super organized and well-thought-out airport.

Changi Airport is a holiday destination in itself. To make the most of your time, explore the Jewel before going through immigration on departure or post immigration on arrival.

 Take advantage of the “early check-in bag drop” within the Jewel, offered by select airlines. We booked the Jewel Lounge for 3 hours, which included a classic package with facilities access, a hot meal, an alcoholic beverage, and free-flow snacks and drinks for $39.00 Singapore dollars. Find more details here and about the Jewel Lounge here; JEWEL AIRPORT LOUNGE

Believe it or not there is even a  outdoor rooftop pool, a movie theatre, to fill in time once you’ve cleared immigration and don’t forget the shopping, there’s plenty to keep you entertained at the airport. More info: CHANGI AIRPORT GUIDE







Things to Do in Singapore over 2.5 days:


EXPLORE-Explore the City by Bicycle: Navigate the city center and discover areas like Little India, Chinatown, and the Arab District. We used Seek Sophie for a fantastic  guided tour. We got to ride along the Formula One track which only recently had been in use. It gave us a great opportunity to get our bearings and enabled us to explore with more confidence Find tours here. SEEK SOPHIE-NOT YOUR AVERAGE TOURISTY STUFF


VIEW-Marina Bay Sands Viewing Platform: Book to avoid linning up with the crowds and aim for just before dusk to enjoy the view with both daylight and sunset. Once on deck grab a cold beer and popcorn, sit back, and take in the spectacular view. BOOK OBSERVATION DECK


AMAZE-Gardens by the Bay and Super Tree Observatory: Go from your sunset watching to the free light show at the Super Tree Observatory behind the Sands and it is an easy walk. It is free entry, and the light show is amazing! After the light show you can head back around to the front of Marina Sands via the interior board walk to with their light and sound sound in the bay it’s self, also free, approx 9.30pm start. Explore the Gardens by the Bay during the daytime. Learn more here about Gardens by the Bay here: GARDENS BY THE BAY INFO


EAT-Lau Pa Sat: Experience affordable local eats and the famous Satay. Ordering when they close the street at nighttime when all the stall holders set up is an experience in itself.


DRINK-Long Bar at Raffles: Drink at the famous Long Bat at RAFFLES with a Singapore Sling (or a range of other drinks) Though this seems very touristy I really enjoyed it. The drinks were amazing and the bag of peanuts you get to snack on was a lot of fun, go around 3pm to avoid the bigger crowds though the cue did move quite fast. The cost for Singapore Sling is $39.00 Singapore dollars. Find out more and check out the full menu here: LONG BAR COSTS & MENU


WALK-Riverside and Canning Park: Explore the riverside and Canning Park. You can also explore not only the gardens at Canning Park but also explore history within the war bunkers which are buried in the hill. Go to the site office for your free download and how to register to enter.


SHOP-Chinatown: Shop at Chinatown, where you can find many stalls offering good luck trinkets. Explore locals playing cards or visit the Buddhist Tooth Relic Temple with the holy “Buddha Tooth” and the Hundred Dragon Hall.


Singapore travel tips




With more than enough to fill two and a half days, Singapore impressed me as a futuristic city with a perfect blend of innovative architecture and a commitment to green initiatives, while also preserving its rich history through the renovation of many historic buildings.

If you find yourself with the chance for a stopover, seize it. And to my fellow solo female travelers, remember, the world is your playground.

Get out there and explore with confidence!

Singapore travel tips



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