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Empowering Your Solo Travel Journey

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Facilitating journeys from apprehension to empowerment.

From self-doubt to self-discovery.

Discover the World, DiscovHer Yourself

Helping you realize your travel goals

At Wanderlust Travel Coaching, I understand that your desire to journey solo may be accompanied by doubts, uncertainties, and logistical challenges.

I am here to help reshape your solo travel experience from daunting to delightful, from overwhelming to liberating.

My passion lies in crafting purposeful travel journeys with you, that empower, inspire, and connect you with your true self, as well as facilitating wonderful adventures.

Your Journey to Rediscovery

I truly believe it’s never too late to rediscover and reinvent yourself through the transformative power of travel. Lets starting mapping out your next adventure together!

Your Purposeful Travel Coach,

specializing in solo female travel.

Crafting Your Own Adventure

As the founder of Wanderlust Solo Women Tours, I’ve already supported over 130 women in their solo adventures.

I noticed a need for deeper support, especially in the planning stages. This led to the birth of Wanderlust Travel Coaching, a platform that empowers you to design your own transformative journey with confidence and clarity.

Embark on Your Journey of Rediscovery



Are you a vibrant woman, craving exploration, connection, and rejuvenation through travel?

Not sure where to start planning your journey?

Do you feel you lack confidence to travel solo?

Do you need help building an itinerary?

Want helpful advice on travel budgeting, and organization?

Need clarity on Where-Why-What to maximize your adventure?

Need someone specializing in Solo Female Travel?

Embrace Your Transformational Journey

You, too, can experience the liberation that comes from embracing a transformational travel journey. Travel dismantles barriers, whether they’re self-imposed limitations or societal expectations. It taught me that age is never a barrier, and the connections you forge along the way are as valuable as the destinations themselves.

Check out the ways travel coaching can help you….

What holds you back from traveling solo?

How we can work together to create your travel map-click dropdowns to discover more.

From Dreams to Reality

The world is vast, and where to begin can be overwhelming. Through travel coaching, I’ll help guide you in creating a clear roadmap, turning your travel dreams into a tangible itinerary that aligns with your aspirations.

Confidence is Your Compass

Navigating the world solo can seem intimidating, but travel coaching and travel planning nurtures your self-assurance. With personalized support, I will help you embrace uncertainty and step confidently into the unknown.

Clarity Breeds Joy

I believe that every journey should have a purpose. Wanderlust Travel Coaching delves deep into the “why” behind your desire to explore. By uncovering your motivations, we ensure your travels are not just destinations, but transformative experiences

Breaking Financial and Social Barriers

Traveling doesn’t have to be a luxury reserved for a select few. With expertise in budget-conscious planning that helps you experience the world without compromising on quality. Let’s create opportunities for meaningful connections that go beyond social constraints

Time is of the Essence

Your busy life shouldn’t deter you from experiencing the extraordinary. Our time-efficient solutions simplify the planning process, making it convenient for you to embark on unforgettable journeys without adding stress to your schedule.

Starting Point Unveiled

For those staring at a blank canvas of possibilities, our coaching provides the brushstrokes. I guide you through the initial steps, unraveling the mysteries of logistics, visas, accommodations, and more.

Safe Haven for Solo Adventurers

Safety is paramount. I create a supportive environment that encourages solo exploration while fostering a sense of belonging. Our community of like-minded women offers companionship, ensuring your adventures are as safe as they are enriching.

My mission, Your Journey

travel coaching

My mission thrives on the pillars of belonging, authenticity, kindness, and empowerment. With a touch of genuine care, I will help to infuse fun into every aspect of your journey, from planning to the journey itself. I am your confidante, your guide, and your companion on this transformative expedition.

Travel Experiences


Embark on retreats that are a blend of relaxation, growth, and connection. Our carefully curated experiences support local communities and conscious travel. From booking to homeward-bound, we ensure your journey is seamless, nurturing new friendships and everlasting memories.

Travel Coaching

Before you pack your bags, we unpack your aspirations. My one-on-one travel coaching helps to shape your path to realization. Together, we create a roadmap that aligns with your heart’s desires, equipping you with the confidence to navigate the world and your life’s journey.

Unveil Your Wings

travel coachingYou are invited to journey not only through destinations but also through self-discovery. Come on a transformational odyssey that will reshape your perceptions, broaden your horizons, and awaken your true potential. It’s time to redefine what’s possible, to step into your power, and to craft a narrative that’s uniquely yours. The world is waiting, and so are you.

A Journey From Fear to Empowerment

Embracing the Unknown

Like you, I grappled with work-life balance and often placed my needs at the bottom of the list. Guilt accompanied any attempts at self-care. The constraints holding me back from transformation were many: feeling like I didn’t belong, the fear of aging, financial uncertainty, and a hesitance to step beyond my comfort zone, especially alone.


Solo Adventures Begin

Unlocking Confidence, Building Bonds

A serendipitous journey to Thailand ignited my passion for travel. It was a pivotal moment, and I realized that travel was the key to rebuilding my self-assurance. With unwavering determination, I sold my possessions, downsized, and embarked on a life-changing expedition. Underneath the Eiffel Tower, I celebrated my 40th birthday, surrounded by newfound friends.


 Beyond Destinations

Traveling to Uncover Myself

During those eight transformative months, the world unveiled its wonders to me—diverse cultures, incredible landscapes, and inspiring individuals. Yet, the most profound revelations were about myself. I discovered that change wasn’t just about changing location; it was about transforming my perspective. Through embracing the unknown, I embraced my own happiness.

 Your Transformational Travel Journey

Sharing the Gift of Empowerment

These experiences resonated deeply, leading me to create a movement of empowerment. Travel had not only built my confidence but also connected me with a community where I finally belonged. This became my inspiration to support women like you, to facilitate your journeys from fear to empowerment, from doubt to self-discovery.



What is a travel coach?

“A travel coach is a professional who provides personalized guidance and support to individuals seeking to enhance their travel experiences. They offer expert advice on itinerary planning, budgeting, destination selection, cultural immersion, and overcoming travel challenges. A travel coach empowers clients to make informed decisions, gain confidence in their travel choices, and ultimately create more meaningful and fulfilling journeys.”

travel coaching

Testimonials from past happy clients

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“Gina organized my Bali trip away better than my expectations. She took the time to go places with me that weren’t even on my planned itinerary. I just went to Bali with a “bucket-list” and couldn’t have done it without her help.”-thank you, Shubhra

““I was nervous, and just looking for a new chapter in my life. You gave me courage and friendship. It inspired me and I’m eager to go out and enjoy life head on. Thank you.”-Linda

Meet Your Coach

With a heart fueled by personal experience (good and bad), I walked the same path you now tread.

I know the hesitations, the aspirations, and the exhilarating joy that solo travel can bring. After overcoming personal challenges and embarking on solo adventures in my 40s and 50s, I found empowerment, confidence, community, and purpose through travel.

Now, I am dedicated to igniting these same flames within you.

The Catalyst for Change-Reclaiming My Life

I’ve been in your shoes, facing heartbreak and uncertainty after a painful breakup. The end of a long-term relationship left me financially drained, emotionally adrift, and questioning my identity.

At the cusp of turning 40, I found myself struggling with low self-esteem and a lack of direction. Despite possessing material possessions, I felt a void and an urgency for a major lifestyle shift.

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Your Transformation Awaits

Unlock Your Adventure Today

It’s time to rewrite your story. Let me guide you on a path from hesitation to exploration, from uncertainty to empowerment. Discover the world, and in doing so, discover yourself. Embark on a journey of transformation that will forever shape your life.

Embrace the Uncharted, Ignite Your Soul

Ready to spread your wings and uncover the world that awaits you? Book a free “Discover Your Journey” call today, and let’s embark on this empowering voyage together. Or, join our vibrant travel community and receive a complimentary guide to easing stress and anxiety while traveling.

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Re-discovHer yourself through travel; your adventure begins now.

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