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About me.

Kia Ora,

I’m Gina – the founder of Wanderlust Solo Women Tours.

I am passionate about ensuring our tours and retreats are a wealth of information, while building connections, new friendships and making sure you have a good laugh along the way!


How it all began:

I was nearly 40. Yes, 40 years old. Where did the time go?! Wasn’t I supposed to have figured it all out by now?

I had a house, I had a job, I had my own business, yet I wasn’t happy or fulfilled. I felt the lack of what I “should” have in my life.

Then it all changed over night. A bad long term relationship breakdown left me reassessing everything, wondering why I had all the material things yet felt so empty. I had worked hard and made sacrifices. I had the dream house and a good business, but a huge mountain of debt after the separation and a lot of unresolved emotions. This left me craving for more.

A whirlwind romance saw me visit Thailand for the first time where I fell in love – with travel. This trip was a catalyst for me – travel was what made my heart beat faster, travel inspired me, travel made me feel alive! Most of all it re-built my confidence.

I sold up, downsized and booked a one-way trip to Paris with barely any money, plenty of nerves, and loads of determination.

That dreaded 40th birthday was amazing! I celebrated in France with newfound friends and lots of wine. My fortieth year was spent wandering through bazaars in Turkey, sampling tagines in Morocco, cathedral-gazing across Europe, and wandering quaint cobbled English lanes. It wasn’t all holidays and cocktails – I worked and volunteered my way around Europe, as I had very little money. But this enabled me to really get beyond just the tourist attractions, form lasting friendships, and truly absorb the atmosphere and culture of these new locations.

Not only did I experience a plethora of scents, textures and tastes, see wonders of the world and nature, and meet amazing people, but I also learnt so much more about myself, and my approach to life. I learnt that improving my life wasn’t only about changing my location, but also how I approached things. As I discovered my own happiness and the world, I appreciated where I came from and what I had at home.

I learnt that my life wasn’t stagnant, or over at 40 just because I hadn’t followed the same path as others. I didn’t need to settle for something I didn’t want.

It’s been a few years since that first trip to Thailand, and since then I’ve explored, holidayed, worked and volunteered in more than 23 countries, and have no intention of stopping. I realized how to turn my passion into a living – by founding Wanderlust Solo Women’s Tours, with the aim of encouraging any and all women to find confidence, and friendships through travel and experiences. I knew I wasn’t alone in feeling the way I had, and my goal is to empower women to live their lives to the fullest.


The last thing I learnt?

Nothing is certain. We don’t know what will happen next week or next year. So with that philosophy in mind, I try to live in the moment, or at least try to! Whilst keeping my eye on long-term goals, making sure I have someone to love – and yes, sometimes that is myself! – something to do, and something to aim for.

Dream big ladies!




Your Host & Founder

Feel free to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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How can you use travel as a wellness tool👉🏼
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Tips for building confidence through travel. 👉🏽
I’d love to delve deeper into some ways you can build confidence as a solo female traveller, including some lesser-known techniques and using tools from your personal life, and create a Travel Confidence Toolkit.
TIP #1
Journaling: Maintain a travel journal where you record not just your experiences but also your achievements and moments of personal growth. Reflecting on your journey can reinforce your resilience and ability to overcome challenges. I also use this to record places I’ve also record things such as, costs of where I’m travelling and any other tips from the area I’m in.
TIP #2
Digital Safety Tools: Use technology to your advantage. Familiarize yourself with safety apps designed for travellers. Some apps allow you to share your live location with trusted contacts, and others provide local emergency information. Knowing you have these tools at your disposal can boost your confidence. There are so many digital tools now, so find the ones that work for you.
TIP #3
Empowering Playlists or Affirmation Recordings: Create playlists or recordings filled with empowering music or positive affirmations. Listen to these during moments of uncertainty or when you need a confidence boost. The familiar sounds can act as anchors, bringing you back to a positive and empowered state of mind. Apps like “Mindset Timer” are a good option, and some airlines have such playlists on their media lists.

Remember, building confidence is a continuous process, and everyone’s journey is unique. Integrating these practices into your daily life, coupled with practical travel tips, can enhance your overall confidence as a solo female traveller.
Trust yourself, stay positive, and embrace the incredible experiences that solo travel can offer.
Safe and happy travels!

#travelhacks #solotravel #solotravelconfidence #travelyourway #travelmoreworryless

How travel can be a wellness tool for women. 👉🏼
🔸Mindful Retreats:
Travel provides an opportunity for women to escape from the demands of daily life and immerse themselves in a new environment. Choosing destinations known for tranquility, nature, or wellness retreats allows women to practice mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation, promoting mental well-being.

🔸Cultural Immersion for Stress Relief:
Experiencing different cultures and environments can serve as a powerful stress-relief mechanism. Engaging in activities that showcase local traditions, exploring historical sites, or simply enjoying the beauty of a new landscape can provide a refreshing break from routine stressors.

🔸Physical Well-being Through Adventure:
Travel offers the chance to engage in physical activities and adventures. Whether it’s hiking in nature, trying water sports, or exploring vibrant cityscapes on foot, these activities not only promote physical fitness but also contribute to increased energy levels and a sense of accomplishment.

🔸Solo Journeys for Self-Discovery:
Solo travel allows women to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. The independence and freedom of solo journeys can boost confidence, foster resilience, and provide valuable time for introspection. It’s an opportunity to focus on self-care and prioritize individual wellness.

🔸Remember, the key to using travel as a wellness tool is to tailor the experience to individual preferences and needs, whether that involves relaxation, adventure, cultural exploration, or a combination of these elements.
So ask yourself what is it you want from your travel experience?

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From me to You-Everything I share with you comes from my own experiences as a solo female traveller.
Every experience, activity, and location is hand-picked personally. Yes I test it all.

I lead these experiences from the heart, knowing first-hand the feelings that come from being out of your comfort zone, trying something new and wanting to “reset” your life
I have been in your shoes!

I know the apprehensions, anxieties and nerves that come with travelling alone, and I’m here to guide you on this journey and help you embark on amazing travel experiences of your own.
Get in touch to see how we can travel together.

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What does an “authentic” travel experience look like to you?

🔸Authentic travel experiences go beyond the ordinary.

🔸They’re about connecting with locals, immersing in cultures, and creating memories that resonate.
🔸Wanderlust Solo Women Tours redefine authenticity – join us on a journey where every moment is genuine and every experience is true to the heart 🧡
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