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The power of a community.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller.


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That strong desire and pull to explore.
To experience different cultures and ways of life.
The feeling of seeing new things through child-like eyes for the first time.
Expanding your mind to new possibilities and the excitement of the unknown.
The smells, tastes and sensory overload a place can give you.
Do you love WANDERLUST as much as I do?

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What do you see here?
Calm, relaxed, beautiful scenery?
YES, that is part of our retreat process. To have you join, calm, relaxed and enjoying the beautiful scenery around you.
I’ll take care of the rest!

I’m busy behind the scenes organising our itinerary, making sure I answer any of your travel inquiries and the special little touches that I know are so important to you all.
So you can have the best experience where you can let someone else do all the running around and look after you for a change!

It can take a day or two sometimes to relax and slip into the retreat vibes, as we, as women are so used to looking after and organising everyone else, but don’t worry this is your turn!

Come join us and see what it is like to feel looked after and treated like the beautiful epic WOMAN that you are.

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Coming on retreat is a personal experience for each guest.

People come on retreat for different reasons and some of the questions you need to ask yourself about the sort of retreat that suits you are;

>Do I want to concentrate on my health, mind, or general new experiences?
>How do I want to feel during my experience, like happy, relaxed, stress-free or energised?
>Are there things I require out of my experiences like rest, adventure, quiet time, or lots of self-care?
>Do I need lots of free time, or a full itinerary?
>Is there something I want to get out of my experience? Like self-confidence, reconnection, friendship or a total recharge?
>How do I want to feel after the experience, like recharged, inspired or reconnected?
>Do you want to be part of a big group or something more intimate?

These questions will help you choose the right retreat fit for the experience you desire.
Want more help? Get in touch as I’m happy to chat about what experience might be the right fit for you.

#wanderlust #womensretreat #baliindonesia #newzealand

Carrying on from IWD which was on the 8th of March, it is a time to use this whole month to celebrate amazing wahine (women).
I have had the privilege to meet some pretty epic women while hosting my retreats.

It always makes my heart sing when I see how these women come together, often from different backgrounds and walks of life and embrace every moment of their experience.

Some come with interpretations, about travelling solo or spending time with people they don’t know.
Some come to reconnect after either grief, loss or restarting their lives.
Others come to try something new, as they want to travel but are not sure exactly where to start.

Whatever the reason, there is a commonality that brings everyone together to have fun, relax and find some newfound travel inspiration.

Here’s to YOU the amazing women that take time out of your busy lives and invest to spend your time with us.
THANK YOU and celebrate how awesome you are 365 days of the year!

#wanderlust #internationalwomensday #internationwomensmonth #celebrateyourself #womensretreats #newzealand

POV: cultural etiquette
No one is perfect, we get things wrong. Just make sure you learn and grow from your mistakes.
#traveletiquette #travelhacks #culturallyaware

We all get stuck in on retreat!

Learning new things, especially about local culture and customs is a big part of our retreat experience, and this also includes learning to cook local dishes.

Find out where the produce you use comes from, the different spices and applications for using them, and then let’s get cooking!

Enjoy your labour by then sitting down to lunch with all the yummy creations you have made., with our beautiful host Made who shows you all her amazing techniques of Balinese cuisine.
Come join us in October-new dates just released!

#balineseculture #balinesefood #baliretreat

TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAVEL-with the Bali Bliss Retreat experience-new date to be released soon! Keep following to join us this year!

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best.
I love feeding my fish, there is something so calming about it…
What simple thing gives you JOY!



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