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Traveler declarations for New Zealand & Australia.


Finally, I will venture back out into the world of international adventures after a hiatus of 3 years! 

Wow, haven’t things changed in the world of travel? 

With more paperwork than ever, forms, travel passes, and vaccination travel passes, it is hard to keep up with it all. 

I what I have observed even for the more tech-savvy, filling in some of these forms online can be frustrating. With little glitches and with wording open to interpretation. 

Also, regulations are updating and changing frequently, so it pays to check in with the official travel information for the country you are traveling to as well as your own. Because even getting back home is not straightforward for some. 

Look into your transiting requirements too. Length of time for transits e.g. over 8 hours can change the requirements you need to comply with. But you may, depending on the country also need to fill in a traveler declaration just to transit. Leaving the airport might cause extra complications, so get familiar with what you need to do and do it in advance if you can. 





Below are some tips I have for the Australian and New Zealand Traveler Declarations from my personal experience.

*Please check your own traveler information and ask your travel agent if you have any doubts about what you need to do and the requirements for travel.  

*Note: I will only be transiting via Australia onward to Bali Indonesia from New Zealand.  


1: NZ-write your NZ travel declaration reference number down or take a photo of it, as you will need it to log in to continue filling in the form or update your test results. (Form auto saves) You can start this form 28 days prior to travel and I’d advise doing this. 

2: Both NZ & Australia, have digital copies of your passport and vaccination cert, on file to upload to forms. 

3: NZ & Australia- have your vaccination info at hand, dates of your vaccinations, and the type you had. 

4: Tick “local time zone” on the dropdown option for the time of your test (NZ declaration) unless you are taking your test at the airport. 

5: Australian declaration is required even if just transiting. It seems it also wants an Australian address (even if transiting and you are not living/staying there) to fill in all fields. So I put the address of the airport I was transiting in. You can fill in this form 7 days prior to travel. 

6: Upload for Australian declaration of passport and vaccination cert need to be less than 5MB. If your file is too big, take a photo of it and upload the photo. 

7: I did all the forms on a desktop and printed off the declaration once submitted. Otherwise, take screenshots. If on phone and having issues, try a different browser. 


Please refer to the below links for declaration information. 

For more information on the NEW ZEALAND TRAVELER DECLARATION go here:

For more information on the AUSTRALIAN TRAVELER  DECLARATION go here:


Being prepared and not leaving these travel declarations to the last minute will help reduce stress.

Make sure you have hard copies of all your documents required and take with you on the plane in a folder, have back-up copies also on your phone. Save to your “wallet” on iphone or upload the ITIA Travel Pass to upload vaccine travel certificate, passport and find out additional travel requirements.

Happy Travels.


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