Travel planning in 2022.

Extra things to consider and get prepared for before you take flight.


Well, if you are a lover of lists, and organizing,  travel in 2022 is for you!


Gone are the days of just booking that cheap ticket when it came up, winging the rest, maybe only organizing your travel insurance, and where is going to be the coolest place to sip cocktails by the pool when you arrive!

Don’t get me wrong, I defiantly don’t want to put you off your international adventure this year, it’s just there is a lot more to consider and check before you book that flight.


Things to consider and do pre-travel; travel restrictions and requirements.

Below are some things I have been ticking off my personal “to do” list for travel later this year. I hope you find some of this helpful for your own travel planning in 2022.

1: Making a transit into a stopover was a great way to extend your holiday and add in another destination to enjoy on your travels. But one of the things you’ll need to check if you plan to transit is the transiting requirements of the country and compare them to if you intend to extend it into a stop-over for a few days. EG: if you’ll be required to supply a negative PCR test so many hours before departure to your destination, you will then more than likely have to add another test for your onward journey to your list of things to do if you have a stopover. Some transit in countries allow up to 24 hours and you have to stay within the airport before you are required to follow general entry requirements. But you could be requested to fill in a traveler declaration online prior to your departure date, even for just transiting. Please check with your travel agent or government advisors for current and accurate information.

2: As you may be required to get a PRC test before your departure flight and on your return, check out costs and where to get PCR tests at your international destinations. This will elevate some stress from your holiday if you know exactly where to go, how much it will cost, and to allow time to do this on your holiday.

3: Keep hard copies of everything and if you don’t already create an email folder so you can access quickly documents or information when you need to. Make sure you have access to this information and consider a roaming plan so you don’t have to wait to get a local SIM or hook into local WiFi. Examples of hard copies include your international travel certificate, travel insurance, onward flight details, and proof of accommodation.

4: Talk to your travel insurance provider. Rather than just ticking the boxes and not reading the fine print like we used to, ask questions and make sure you are clear on what you are and are not covered for. Most policies will now cover medical and cancelations due to Covid-19 but they will not cover costs incurred by government snap restrictions or lockdowns, so make sure you have a backup plan or money if you are required to find additional accommodation or have extra time off work.

5: Flights; these are going up, not only due to increased demand but also due to fuel inflation. If you are here in NZ you will see fewer flight options and fewer airlines flying their normal routes. This will shrink your pool of options to travel to your destination. Also, there are likely to be fewer direct flights. Check those transit times and remember to allow around 4 hours prior to departure for check-in and customs. 3 hours is the recommended timeframe but some times of day will be busier than others so don’t cut yourself short.

6: Book either through a travel agent or directly with the airline. Do not book through a third party, as if you have to cancel your flight a refund or credit may be harder to claim, if at all through a third party. Make sure you check the airline you are booking with the cancelation and refund policy first. I regularly use SkyScanner to check flight routes, times, and transits and get rough costs, but check once you have found your flight that the booking is with the airline and not with another site. To be on the safe side use an agent. They have worked their asses off to get millions of dollars in credits or refunds back for their clients, get stranded travelers home, and have often been working for nothing. Support the travel industry if you can. Having a good travel agent is like having a good hairdresser! They can also supply you with up-to-date travel information about your travel destination and help you with requirements.

7: Get a comfortable mask; you are going to have it stuck to your face for many hours. Also, some airlines are only allowing certain masks to be worn on their flights. EG: homemade ones are not accepted. Check with the airline regarding their in-flight requirements.

8: Feel overwhelmed with what you need to do? Write a checklist with dates that each item needs to be completed by and pin it to your fridge. It will be OK if you are prepared and know what is required of you and allow time for each step. Take a list will you, either on your phone or hard copy of your return journey requirements, timeline, and locations where to get your PCR tests, etc. Being organized will elevate some stress.

And lastly, ENJOY!

Remember we haven’t traveled internationally for over two years. Yes, it is different, yes it is more complicated, but is it worth it? Hell yes.

We took international travel for granted; it was relatively cheap and convenient.  But now it’s time to spread our wings again, and I think I will cry the moment my plane takes off for the first time this year.

It will get easier and we will adapt to these changes.

Below is some helpful information and links for travel to Bali from New Zealand for an example.

I am personally planning to go there in June so I am in the process of completing all the requirements listed. I will keep you posted on how this all goes so keep following.



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The following information is for travel from New Zealand to Bali as of April 2022.


*Please check with your local government authorities and travel organizations with the latest requirements, as these are changing regularly.

Travel to Bali, current entry, and travel requirements as of April 2022. Ex-New Zealand

You’ll require a current vaccine certificate to show you are fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to your departure. This certificate must be in English and the local language of the country where you got your vaccinations. EG if fully vaccinated in NZ your certificate will just be in English.

To receive a copy of your international travel certificate you will need to log into your My Health account, this is where you would have got a copy of your vaccine pass. Once you register it will be emailed to you with a printable version, plus you can save it to your “wallet” on your phone. Find My Health (for New Zealand residents) here:

Negative PCR or RT-PCR test, taken at the very most 48 hours prior to your departure. Check that you are receiving a PCR test for international travel and this may be at an additional cost. Companies like RAKO SCIENCE, for example, can provide these, check out more details here: or look for providers in your area. Make sure your departure date allows for this test to be completed and received within the required timeframe.

Visitors to Bali must download the PeduliLindugi App, make sure you download the correct app, and for more information on how to use it find more details here:

As of the 5th of April 2022 international travelers to Indonesia are only required to download the app and complete the user profile. Make sure you do this before you leave and once at Denpasar airport staff can help with any additional information.

Have hard copies of your international travel certificate, insurance, and proof of x4 nights’ accommodation at CHSE-approved accommodation.

A minimum of 25k US travel insurance which covers medical for Covid is required. Also, check SafeTravel (NZ residents) or your local government information for travel advisories and check with your insurance provider exactly what you are and are not covered for.

The Visa On Arrival (VOA) program is for 23 selected countries and costs 500,000IDR. For more details on entry requirements PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE;

Travelers from New Zealand or any other destination AND coming into NZ will also need to fill out a Traveller Declaration Form online, find the form and more details here: This will need to be completed 28 days prior to departure.

If you are transiting through any countries on the way to your destination you will also need to check that country’s transit requirements. EG to transit via Australia a Passenger Declaration will need to also be completed online: This can be completed 7 days prior to your departure.

*Please cross-reference all information above at the time of your search. Or consult with your travel agent. 




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