So you haven’t had a break for ages.


The kids are driving you mad, and the household is crazy busy.

You have had work commitments, and constantly have a feeling of being “on” all the time.

You’re craving to get out and try something new but your partner is quite content at home, and you’re nervous to travel alone.

Or you are just looking for fun, like-minded people to enjoy new experiences with rather than by yourself.

These are the most common reasons many women find it hard to take time-out for their own well-being. They can also have a feeling of guilt too for doing so.

Why is it we have that feeling when we would put the best wellbeing of others first yet put ourselves last? I too have been guilty of this.


So are women-only retreats the way to go?


Women’s retreats I have always thought of as something bendy yogis go to, or health fanatics. With the alternative being on the end of the “woo woo” spectrum. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with any of these retreats; it’s just not a place where I personally thought I would fit in.

But there has been a huge shift with women empowering each other, and there is an array of women’s retreats now, from business/entrepreneurial, workshops, shopping, and food to hiking and adventure retreats. So finding one that is the best fit for you is becoming so much easier.

There also has been a massive shift with many diversifying into “locally” based retreats which showcases the country in which they’re based. So there is no needed to fly off to Bali to get that soul-enriching retreat experience; well not just yet!

Taking a timeout away from your day-to-day grind can be so beneficial to your physical and mental health. To be given time and allowed to slow down, as we all know as women we wear many hats and are quite often the ones organizing things for everyone else. So it can take some time on retreat to wind down and let someone else take the reins for a while. And you know what? That’s OK!

But going on a women’s retreat can be a little intimidating, especially if it is something you haven’t done before or you’re afraid you might not “click” or get along with the other women joining; that is a natural fear. So this is where choosing the right retreat for you comes in, as the bonding and comradery with those attending also make your experience that much more enriching and special for each other.



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So how do you choose the right retreat?


Well of course there are the practical things to look at;

  • Price range
  • Length of stay
  • Location
  • Retreat size (max about of persons) smaller retreats can offer a more intimate and authentic experience.

All of which only you can decide what you consider a good investment in yourself (as remember that is what it is), how long you can and are prepared to be away, and lastly how far are you willing to travel and logistics to get to retreat location.

Then there are the personal preferences, like things you are interested in, what you want to get out of your retreat experience, or an activity you want to explore more into.  This could be anything of the following;

  • Rest and relaxation as a priority
  • A mixture of chill time and activities
  • Fitness orientated
  • Yoga retreats
  • Wellness retreat-healthy eating
  • Workshop based-personal development
  • Nature based-hiking and walking
  • Wine and food ordinated
  • Fun and creativity
  • Luxury

Then based on all of the previous how long would you be comfortable within the company of strangers or can afford to get away for (both in timeframe and financially).

Obviously, a shorter retreat will cost less and ease you into the retreat experience or you might feel you really need to immerse yourself and get the most out of your time and go for a longer stay.

Once you have decided on how long you want to go for, the experience and transformation you desire it’s time to get searching. I would recommend doing this 3 months prior to the retreat date as some women’s retreats sell out very fast, but it also gives you time to pay it off; yes try and look for a retreat experience that lets you do this.

The good old “Google” search engine is probably the go-to for many when looking for anything so search some of the following suggestions;

  • Women only retreat
  • Women’s retreat
  • Women’s tour
  • Solo women tour or retreat
  • (your area) women’s retreats
  • Retreats for women
  • Women only tour

Look for good reviews, customer feedback of any sort, their social media, and check their T&C’s.


Reach out to them.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure about anything. You will also find this helps elevate any nerves if you know there is a real person at the end of the retreat website you’re booking on.



And finally, ENJOY!

Soak it up and be open to it. You might find a new passion, renewed confidence, or even a fabulous new friendship comes out of your retreat experience.

Go with an open mind and no expectations, you are then never disappointed.






Gina Cambridge

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