To my amazing supporters and clients,
My passion for travel and sharing that with you all has not changed.

I have met and connected with so many life-enriching people through my travel experiences and though that might be on hold for now the memories are still very much alive along with the knowing that this too will pass.
Our wanderlust spirit will be well and truly be alive to soak up that desire again to connect experience and share many more amazing journeys.

During this tough time please remember all the great people you have met traveling, the new friends you made, the local guides, tour operators, agents and business owners that have made these memories come alive for you.

I value my travel community, and I want you all to know you are supported. That once things are again safe to travel and restrictions have been removed I will be here to share this amazing planet with all the magic women that come traveling with me. We will travel again!

But in the meantime be patient, be kind, be calm and be supportive. Check on your friends. Spend time with loved ones. Use this time to reflect on what is important to you.


We as a planet, are in this together.


As you all know, containing Covid-19 has become very serious, with the situation changing daily.
Travel restrictions have got tighter, with world wide implications.

My clients health & safety is of upmost importance to me and I will keep you all informed of any changes regarding up coming tours or retreats and I am closely monitoring the situation and will take all responsible action regarding this.

The travel industry as a whole is doing their best in very exceptional circumstances.
Please be patient with your travel agents, airlines and small tour operators. We are all trying to do our best for you.
On behalf of Wanderlust Solo Women Tours, if a tour is to be postponed a full travel credit will given.
By receiving a travel credit you are helping keep your travel dollars within the communities, and local businesses that are going to need your help once this crisis moves on. You also will not lose the cost of your land based tour or retreat. This does not include any extra accommodation you have booked out side of your tour or retreat or flights, please refer to your travel insurance provider regarding claiming on these.  Otherwise standard T&Cs will apply to all deposits and other cancellations.
But please reach out if you have any concerns and this will be dealt with case by case. I am here to help you and will do my best with all of my clients to relieve as much stress at this time as possible.

Please double check your travel insurance policies, if still to purchase make sure it covers you regarding the current situation.
Most airlines are now waiving change of date fees or offering a credit. Please check with your airline or travel agent.
Follow TravelSafe, CDC & WHO as well as local government sources for your information regarding the current situation.

To confirm the status of upcoming trips:

  • Our Wellness Thailand Tour is postponed with a full travel credit-to be rescheduled at a future, safer date.
  • Updated 23/03/20; Our Bali Bliss Retreat is postponed with a full travel credit- to be rescheduled at a future, safer date.
  • Our New Zealand winter Escapes are still confirmed for August.
  • Our Cuban Adventure is still taking registrations-travel not till 2021

Please feel free to reach out anytime and thank you for your patience.
Stay safe, stay calm, remember to be kind. And be a responsible traveler.
We are all in this together.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any concerns regarding your tour or retreat.

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