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I first met Jackie on an island in Thailand back in 2013. Jackie was doing a dive course and I was just backpacking. I had the top bunk, she was in the bunk below me. It was a few days before we actually started chatting, and on a very steep walk to a hill top viewing point we bonded. We talked about men and how at the time they were a pain in the ass, work, travel and life in general.

Fast forward and Jackie is solo traveling through Australasia and South East Asia, with a stop in New Zealand. I love showing friends I’ve met traveling around my beautiful part of this country and it was so much fun having her stay.

We planned another met up on Koh Chang in Thailand to celebrate Jackie’s birthday, little did I know we would also be celebrating a little new life-Ayra. Since then I have visited Jackie and her family numerous times in her new base of Bali.

Though there are miles between us our friendship is strong and I can’t wait to when we will catch up again.


Introduce yourself:

Hello! My name is Jackie. I’m a Mom of one crazy 4-year old boy, and a wife. I’m originally from California, but I’ve spent the last almost 10 years outside of my country.

I spent several years in Spain teaching English, and now I live in Bali, Indonesia, where my husband is from.

I’ve been living in Bali now for 6 years. 

What made you or inspired you to travel?

I’ve always loved travelling from a small age. My parents took me on many trips throughout the States and to Mexico growing up. The “travel bug” really started for me when I took a one-month trip to Peru and Ecuador after I graduated college in 2008. I also had the opportunity to go to the Galapagos, which to this day is one of my favorite places. I knew living in the States wasn’t for me, so I quickly found a job in Spain teaching ESL shortly after starting my Finance career in NYC. Leaving my new career was the best decision I made. 

What has been your main challenge in following your travel dream?

Good question. I guess I would say my pack. I hated it! I don’t travel much anymore, nor do I ever bring a pack, but when I was travelling full time (2 years round-the-world trip) I remember many moments where I wanted to throw that damn thing into the trash can! 





How do you fund your travels, any tips to share?

I make a consistent living working online. My husband also makes a consistent living in tourism. Currently, we aren’t travelling as much now, but when I was travelling more frequently I would save save save and then GO! I would do a lot of work exchanges (WOOFing + workaway), and stay with many friends <3


What are your top travel hacks for women traveling solo?

JUST DO IT! Don’t fear anything. Always take caution, but don’t avoid things out of fear. I made so many amazing relationships, and even met my husband whilst traveling.  




Have you got a favorite travel experience?

One of my most favorite experiences was traveling through New Zealand! I absolutely loved the environment and the people SO MUCH. I’d love to go back sometime soon.



Are there any lessons you’ve learnt or have you experienced personal growth through  travel?

 Oh wow, the list would be pages and pages long. Traveling has opened me to so many different cultures and perspectives. I wouldn’t be the person I am today had I not had all my traveling experiences in the past. 

Finally, is there any advice you’d give to another woman wanting to change their life and maybe travel solo but is unsure where to start?

Like I said before, just do it. Save as much as you can so you can have something to fall back on and go! 


Thank you so much for sharing your travel story and

inspiring other women to chase their dreams and

take a chance to see this beautiful planet!


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