The 5 best kept secrets to stopping Jet Lag symptoms,

-by Lisa Gembitsky of Three Wings Travel Packs


Travelling is one of my most favorite things to do.  I love the excitement of receiving all the bookings, checking the itinerary and even the realization that we have a 10 hour stop over…. aghhhhh.  The thought of that stop over.. really what was I thinking when I booked these flights!

It is at this point my excitement begins to change to worry and a little bit of dread.


We have all been in this situation, and there will no doubt be more of these to come in our travelling lives.  So here are the 5 best kept secret’s to stopping Jet Lag symptoms.




1: Get ready for your next flight


Show up prepared.  You wouldn’t go to a hotel without packing your clothes, toiletries etc…. so show up to your flight prepared.  Pack your carry-on luggage accordingly, begin your hydration process 3 days prior and get your Three Wings pack delivered with time to have a good look through.  Make sure you pack it in your carry-on luggage… that’s right, take it on the plane!



2: Recharge your body during your flight


You’ve made it to your flight on time and you are about to start your next adventure… even if it has a 10 hour stopover!  You will need to rest as much as possible.

Use the premium handmade essential oils from Le’Esscience with carefully selected natural ingredients.  Stay calm and relaxed by using the ‘Panic & Anxiety’ essential oil, to encourage your body to rest and sleep use the ‘Sleepease’ essential oil.  Pull on the silk eye mask and tune out using Sparkplug foam earplugs.  Recharge your batteries with your Three Wings pack.


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3: Refuel on-board and stop jet-lag


When you are flying your body is put under immense stress and dehydrates incredibly fast.

You must refuel!  This is the reason we chose to include Flyhidrate in the Three Wings System.

Developed with the help of Otago University, New Zealand, this hydration system is world leading.    Eating well when travelling is also very difficult, and can have terrible consequences if it goes wrong. Constipation on a plane? No thank you!

Enjoy Tom & Luke’s snackaballs included in your Three Wings pack to nourish your body from the inside out.  The more natural the better!

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4: Renew to energize your arrival


Did you bring protection?  No I’m not talking about a gun or a knife, come on back to the story….

I’m talking about protecting your cells.  Radiation and air conditioning on a plane destroys cells and breaks down the regeneration process.  Lucky enough your Three Wings Pack has everything you need to renew your body and mind!

Use the Bee yü luxury face masque infused with manuka honey, pohutakawa extract and bee venom to activate the skin’s natural defences encouraging new cell production,  Protect your lips and body by using the Manuka honey lip balm and cough drops from The Honey Collection

Renew your concentration and focus by using ‘Revive’ specially designed just for you by Le’Esscience

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5: Recover from jet lag fast!


Yay!!  Fantastic you made it through the 10 hour stopover, and you’ve touched down at your destination.  What a flight, you actually feel quite good!  Surprisingly good in fact.


Don’t stop now, you must do the final step.  Recovery is incredibly important and it could take as long as 1 week. So… We have made sure there is enough of everything you need in your Three Wings Pack to help you recover after your flight.

Use the ‘Sleepease’ essential oil, Three Wings Sleep mask and Sparkplug ear plugs to help you sleep at your destinations normal sleep time.

Use the ‘Revive’ essential oil, face masque and lip balm to encourage the cells to regenerate.


This will help your body to recover faster and feel amazing!


Energize your arrival – Three Wings

FAQ- Need answers?

My name is Lisa and I am the owner and CEO of Three Wings.

I have been a business owner and personal trainer for nearly 20 years across 5 different countries.

I love business and travel but have always been affected by serious jet-lag.  Rather than accept this physical and biological reaction to long haul travel I started researching and discovered three simple but effective principals to address this travel problem.

Refuel, Recharge and Renew. I knew that to be true to these principals the products used would need to be as natural and pure as possible.  I went on a researching mission to New Zealand based companies and together we collected beautiful products that complimented each other, had zero side effects and minimized the body’s negative reaction.

Then I asked my work colleagues to test run Three Wings on their up and coming long haul flights.

The results were great! They could not believe how focused and energized they felt when they landed.

Their main comment was that they were waiting for the jet lag tiredness to kick in, but it didn’t.

They felt AMAZING!  and now it’s your turn.

Don’t leave on your next flight without your Three Wings. 

Energize your arrival with Three Wings

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