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Feeling nervous, anxious or afraid to travel solo?


Xena Jones the founder of the online

female travel community; Solo Women Travel Tribe, 

shares her wealth of experience with great advice and inspiration.

Hey! I’m Xena and I am a life coach.

I help women to create their future and to understand and utilize the most powerful tool they have, their minds. I am also the founder of all things Solo Women Travel Tribe (SWTT). This started with a Facebook community to learn, inspire share and connect with fellow solo women travellers. And has grown into a strong and supportive community with over 35,000 women from across the globe and now includes various products and services to support fellow female travellers on their journeys. 



Grab a cuppa or a wine, get comfy and click the video to get
amazing advice and methods you can use to help reduce those travel fears and anxiety!


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