I have just been getting ready for my upcoming trip to Bali again.

There’s a ritual I go through before every trip of laying out my gear I’m going to take a few weeks before I leave. YES, a small case of OCD!

This also gives me time to refine and cut back on what I take. I need to pack light; easy if you’re going to warmer climates.

At the end of the day it will be me lugging my backpack around to and from various modes of transport from, planes, scooters to beating the feet and walking miles to and from where I’m staying.





I’ve got it down to a fine art now but on every trip, I pick up new ideas to make things easier. I normally travel with approx. 9-11kgs, on my return home it is always heavier! I’m using a 40ltr Kathmandu back pack on this trip, after retiring my 55ltr one and before that my hybrid.

Carry on

As for my carry on here’s a list of some of my “must have’s”.  Some of these little things makes a long-haul journey so much more comfortable for me and it’s good to have them on hand anywhere at any time while you’re on the move.


  • EAR PLUGS. Love! I never travel without them, great for planes and hostels.
  • TRAVEL PILLOW. Whatever style you feel comfortable with, I’ve just got the classic horse shoe shape polystyrene ball filling, but so good to use on planes, trains and buses!
  • WET WIPES. OMG so many uses, great to freshen up.
  • LIP BALM. A girls gota have good-looking lips!
  • B+B CREAM. This I don’t go ANYWHERE without! I personal use Garnier. But it’s a quick easy way to bring my face back to life.
  • HAND SANITIZER. Obvious reasons;)
  • SMART PHONE/TABLET. So many reasons, take a tablet if you down load books/movies etc, and I always take photos of directions etc on my phone of places that I need to find on my travels. Also get your accommodation address in the local language.
  • A GOOD EYE CREAM. I’m still on the search for a real good one, think I’m going to try Clinique ALL ABOUT EYES this trip anything to give your eyes a refresh!
  • THREE WINGS TRAVEL PACKS. These little 11hr and 11hr plus packs have all you need to come off the plane feeling as good as you got on! Three Wings Travel Packs





As for my other travel favorites are packing locks for my pack, yes, I lock my bag up like Fort Knox. Just for general security but there also awesome in hostels to keep your gear safe.

I have two new travel packing fav’s. One is my Speakeasy travel scarf from the States, it has a hidden pocket which is wicked for putting your passport in or other valuables and things you want to get access to quickly. Here’s their link.

Also, I normally taken a travel towel. But I have found these; TURKISH HAMMAM TOWEL, which can also be used as a blanket and a shawl, as well as a towel, love items that can be used for a multitude of things. This is the link for the company I purchased mine from, But there are many suppliers depending on the country you’re in.

And another awesome packing accessory I use are packing cubes, they are so great for keeping your gear organised and cutting down space! I got mine from Elephantstripe, a Kiwi based company with awesome packing cubes along with other packing goodies like backpacks.

Obviously, your packing favorites or essentials will differ depending on the style of traveling you personally do. This is just my little list and I hope it gives you some ideas to make your next adventure easier!




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