I am all about sharing the aroha-love, and helping you achieve your travel goals.

As such, I am introducing two new things to make your travel goals more accessible.

I’m super excited about this and have been sitting on the idea for a long time just waiting for the right way to put it into action.

New payment plans!

So we all know how hard it can be to save to travel if we are able to, so why not make it easier?

Secure your spot on one of the overseas tours or retreats with a deposit, and then monthly equal payments can be spread out over the next 6-8 months. To apply for this, the booking would have to made min of 6 months before for tour or retreat departure date.

I have new accountancy software being installed which will make this process so much easier. Contact me to find out more.

Wanderlust Solo Women Tours- Women supporting Women Subsidy

This is a biggy!

I am very aware many women would love to join one of my tours or retreats, but with everyday life the idea of a holiday is a pipe dream. But I would like to give ALL women the opportunity to experience what travel, going out of your comfort zone, meeting new people or doing something you might never have done before can be life changing. If not life changing it sure does recharge your batteries!

So I have introduced the subsidy where women who are able to come and travel with me can have the opportunity to help, by donating to go towards the cost of another deserving woman’s travel. I will donate my part of the trip at cost to keep the overheads low. There will be a nomination process so we know that the subsidy is going to the right person who will really take this opportunity and embrace it.

If you have any more ideas on how to support this idea please feel free to email me on; info@wanderlustsolowomentours.com

Holistic Travel Series

I will be launching this month long series soon, in which we will share with you tips, advice and discussions on how to deal with stress, nervousness, anxiety as well as other health issues while traveling or to get you prepared to travel.

With guest speakers on topics from Reflexology to coaching there will be something for everyone.

This series will also be available at any time once published on the website for referral.

This has been really exciting connecting with the different women in this series and I have loved the creative process, and I look forward to growing this and giving you more tools to make your travels that much more fun.

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