I don’t know about you, but when I travel I always consider how I’m going to get from A to B

Booking central accommodation and being walking distance to transport systems are mostly at the top of my checklist. Especially when staying in cities.

On my latest trip, back to Bali; where I stay with good friends. The good old scooter is the main mode of transport for many locals and ex-pats. But if you’re not confident enough to brave the sometimes-crazy traffic what are your other options?

Below are the three-main means of transport I used while in Bali. With some great advice from my friends I downloaded the three apps for the companies I planned to use; I did this while in Bali.

Along with these apps and a few other little tips your travels in Bali should be stress free!


#1;  GO JEK; Scooter Taxi.


Super-fast and cheap way to get around town. With location pick up map and price of your fair so there’s no need for the normal haggle and questioning of how much your charged. On first joining up my first fair had a discount and my third was free; though I still gave him something. You can also order a Go Jek car which I also used to get to Ubud. This cost me 150,000 Rp; price might vary. Around Padma to Kuta on average 8000 Rp.  Great driver and again good service. Look out for the scooter rider’s GREEN helmets and vests. Most will also supply you with a helmet. I ordered mine while connected to WiFi in the many restaurants and cafes and just waited outside for pick up so I could still use WiFi if they need to contact me. The WiFi in Bali is fairly good and FREE in majority of places.


#2;  MY BLUEBIRD TAXI; Best taxi’s.


BLUEBIRD taxis are the preferred used by tourists. The problem is the other taxi service looks just about the same as BLUEBIRD taxis; probably on purpose, of course. They are super easy to flag down but the app will give you a good idea of the fair you will be paying as well as your intended route. Look out for the 701111 number normally on the back window.

I hope these little tips make your travels to Bali that little bit easier, especially if you’re traveling solo. HAPPY TRAVELS.



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