17 planes…

5 trains….

And I don’t know how many buses and other modes of transport

But after two months traveling I’m HOME.

I’m finally writing my first blog post. Not for a lack of material to write about but more a lack of motivation. That’s the post travel blues for you, but that is another story. The first post I want to do is a shout out to the people who made my travel journey so special and memorable.

Yes, I tend to travel solo, but it’s far from traveling alone!

Whether I met you for 30 minutes while waiting for a bus or train, to hanging out for a couple of days. From old travel buddies to new friends made. My great Workaway host, travel guides, and random people who might have just been busking on the street or I sat next to on a plane. You all made this experience something to remember.

Sometimes when your single or traveling alone the one thing you miss is turning to a special someone and saying, “do you remember when we did this or that”. I might not have that “someone special” but I do have many special people who I shared many memorable moments with. And though I might not be able to talk to them now, I know with some I will see them again and we will laugh and say, “God do you remember when…!”

From my very good friends I caught up with on this trip……… Andrea, who I shared our birthdays with in Milan & Cinque Terre. Who put up with my dreadful coughing when I got sick. I’M STILL SORRY ABOUT THAT! Jodie who kindly ran me around the UK and had fun with me on the lawn at Sandringham House in front of the Queen.  Jackie another travel buddy who I finally caught up with in Bali. I got to meet her gorgeous new baby and awesome man. Keith my old client from when I was working in the UK who too kindly picked me up from the airport. My cool cousin and hubby I got to hang out with and put me up on their boat in Gibraltar. And Jodine who happened to be in Bali at the same time as me.

New friends like my awesome roomy in Cuba, Scarlett.  OMG did we have a laugh. I was so lucky we got on so well or else I would be still stuck in those clothes that got jammed in my zipper, and you still wouldn’t know which way your sheets work on your bed! And the other girls from the states you all rocked. Also, Kate for our awesome fun Hemingway tour out in Havana.

In saying that our whole group in Cuba was amazing and I’d love to thank you all for such fun times!  Titania and Giovanni, the wonderful and funny guide & driver we had around Cuba. Guille the taxi driver we had to take us out to Hemingway’s house, who also offered kindly to marry me. Kelvin, who is doing an amazing around the world journey. I had an interesting day with him cruising in a taxi around Havana. And Jorge at hostel Gargola in Havana, so kind of you to hang out with me for the day and the great conversations we had.

Then there were just special people I met on my way. David my Workaway host in Chiusi and the two other Workawayers. You guys were the best. Such a wonderful host family in a beautiful part of Italy.

The host families through Cuba who made us such amazing breakfasts. The two sweet Mexican boys who walked me back to my hostel after a night out in Madrid. I know one of you was from Chihuahua, you where total gentlemen!

The cool group of free walking tours and Simon who I met on one of these tours and wandered through Park Güell. As well as the girls who I had a cool time hanging out with in Barcelona & Madrid.

Hans who I sat next to on a bus in Croatia and ended up banging into again later that day. Then spending an amazing night watching a huge red moon rise over the roof tops of the old town in Dubrovnik with his friends, priceless.

The family members Davor, Vanja and Robert who I met for the first time in Vrgorac, Croatia who made me feel so welcome and feed me more than I needed.

Aster from Belgium who I’d picked up hitch hiking earlier back in NZ. I meet him with for dinner with his friends in Split and heard all about his travel adventures since I had last seen him.

Ben who I was lucky enough to sit next to on a long haul flight from Istanbul to Jakarta. Which had a silver lining as if we hadn’t met my bag would have still been floating around Jakarta airport and not in Bali with me! Thanks Ben.

I’m sure I’ve missed some people out but your definitely not forgotten.

I have been so fortunate to have been able to meet so many people from many walks of life, to know there are good souls out there in the world. Despite the odd group of idiots that make you sometimes wonder about the purpose of humanity!

This really is one of many reasons I love travel and can’t say enough how wonderfully fulfilling it is. I’m really looking forward to my next adventure, the new people I’ll meet and of course the ones I hope to see again. These people are just some of my great travel community!

So yes, I travel SOLO but only on the odd occasion was I ALONE. If your open to new things, people and experiences things will present themselves to you in the most wonderful way. I hope this gives those who are a little afraid to travel alone that it is not sometimes as daunting as it seems.

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