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Koru - Wanderlust Solo Women Tours

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Do what you L O V E
One thing I love, other than traveling is spending time with animals.
What is one thing you LOVE to do? That lights your fire and makes you smile.

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Sharing YOUR travels!
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To inspire women through travel.
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Thanks to my friend Tralee for sharing her trip to India, for when we can travel again.

Doing what I love-EXPLORING.
Sorry for being a bit quite, other than posting in my stories, but I have been away for a week for my birthday, exploring local.

Normally I run away overseas for my birthday, but this now is the second year I have celebrated it in New Zealand.

We took to the road and headed down the North Island and a quick visit also to Nelson via Wellington down south...I had forgotten what it was like to sit in an airport, especially when your flight gets delayed!
But it did remind me how much I do miss traveling and I am very lucky I can still explore and travel within my own country.

FAQ-Am I too old? Hell no!
This is another question women worry about when joining a retreat.

To me, age is just a number and I hate to put people in boxes of what is expected or not expected of their age by society.

As long as you are physically able to participate and are open to new experiences and meeting people, all women are welcomed to join a tour or retreat.

I have had women from 22-65 come along and all have a fabulous time.
There is so much to learn from each other and laughter doesn’t recognise age.

#youarenevertooold #ageisjustanumber #followyourdreams #wanderlust

FAQ-This question I get asked a lot.
Going on your first solo adventure alone can be scary and exciting all at the same time.
But just like anything new, there has to be a first time.
Once you get this first experience out of the way your confidence will grow and you’ll be more at ease exploring more solo.
So how can you make this first solo experience less nerve wracking?
Here is just a few tips.
1: Start small. Go on a day trip locally but to somewhere you’ve never explored before. Or join a small group trip. Make sure this is only for a day trip or a few days, so you ease into this new experience.

2: Do your research. The more you know before hand will help you feel less anxious. Get familiar with the culture and customs. The currency and how much items generally cost Eg. Taxis, tipping, bottled water etc.
There are many blogs that cover these topics, so plenty to read up on.

3: Safety. This is the one thing that traveling solo really brings up. How will you be safe?
As in number one and two do your research and get familiar with where you’re going. This will help you not get ripped off ( though this can happen to the most seasoned traveler ). Trust your gut, this is really important and don’t put yourself in a situation where your safety will be compromised. Do as you would at home when it comes to personal safety Eg you wouldn’t walk home alone in the dark in a city, so don’t do this if possible while traveling.
Get to know where you’re staying. Take their business card as this is great to show drivers the address or when you do need to ask for directions.
Carry a personal alarm, there are some great travel options available for that extra layer of safety.
I also normally stay at backpackers, as there are always solo traveler’s and it’s a great way to team up with others and go exploring where you might not have otherwise.
Going on a free Walking Tour is another great option in a new place to get to know other solo traveler’s but also get tips and orientation of where you are.

Remember traveling solo doesn’t mean you are alone.

FAQ-These are the questions that women share about their apprehensions about coming on a retreat or tour.
These apprehensions are totally normal and you will find it more common than you think, you are not alone.

We all worry about not “fitting in” in one way or another, and traveling with people you don’t know can bring up these feelings.
I have these feelings too, believe it or not. From traveling solo later in life I have learnt how to try and overcome these hesitations.

How I help you feel welcomed and like you belong:

>Firstly, my retreats are intimate, meaning they are only very small group numbers. This allows for genuine connections and group bonding.

>Secondly, I always start a group chat BEFORE our retreat, this allows everyone to get familiar with each other and not feel like a total stranger when you arrive.

>Lastly, while on retreat you are encouraged to be YOU, do as much or as little as you want. There is no pressure. All I ask is to be mindful of each other and you will soon realise the women you are sharing this experience with all have their own story, fears and apprehensions. You are not that different after all, underneath.
You will feel welcomed.

And I hope, after this experience you will be excited to get out of your comfort zone and be open to new opportunities that you might not have thought of before.

#youarenotalone #whereyoubelong

July bookings are open for the Winter Escape Retreat.
Ok, I know the Cook Island travel bubble is open and running away to a tropical island sounds pretty good, BUT.
If you only have a few days to be able to get away, want to snuggle down in a rustic log cabin by the fire, soak in the hot tub and enjoy mulled-wine all while enjoying some cool activities with a awesome small group of women the Winter Escape Retreat is for you!
Only 4 spots left, so get in touch or find more info in bio to register and book.

#womensretreat #weekendgetaway #girlsweekendaway #goodforyoursoul #dosomethingnewnz

Bali is calling!
This was the last group of beautiful women I hosted in Bali before our world changed. BUT NOW...

I am busy putting together the 2022 WANDERLUST BALI BLISS RETREATS and I can’t wait to launch them this later this year.
Don’t worry, I am only taking reservations right now so there is no money down. Once safe travel dates are confirmed ( approx early May-June 22 ) you will be the first to know and to be able to grab a spot.
These are though, very limited spaces of only 8 women, to allow for more authentic and genuine connections.
Want to find out more or even register?
These first retreats will also be the last at 2019 prices!
All info can be found in bio link.
Give yourself something amazing to look forward to.

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It’s time for YOU!

Believe me there is nothing better than taking a little “time out” for yourself.

As women we always put others first. Our retreats make you the priority,


Conscious travel. Connect with nature and the community.

With us you really do get to travel like a local not a tourist.



While seeing as much as you can is important, so is having time to just RELAX!

We build in time for you to do just that.


One of the most important things we are about is having FUN.

Do what you love or try something new!


Come and explore some of the gorgeous spots here on the Coromandel Peninsula.

From stunning waterfalls, bush tracks and beautiful beaches.


With our tours & retreats you get to build a great supportive tribe of like-minded women,

that encourage and inspire each other.


Check out the videos from YouTube


Check out the videos from YouTube

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