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Wellness Travel is a massive trend right now, and it doesn’t have to be all about yoga and detox.

What are the 8 definitions of wellness itself?

“*Wellness comprises of eight mutually co-dependence dimensions:
emotional, physical, occupational, social, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and financial.
If any one of these dimensions is neglected over time, it will adversely affect one`s health, well-being, and quality of life.”

Wellness Travel encompasses at least 5 of these elements.
Touching on truly authentic and purposeful experiences that embrace those dimensions, giving an overall transformational journey, not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually.
Redefining travel in 2024 and beyond.

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*(Quoted reference from the State University of Colorado)

I have traveled solo from the age of 39 to the present day, and one question I always get asked is do I feel “safe”
Overall I have had very positive travel experiences, but I think that comes a little from using my common sense and trusting those natural instincts us as women are naturally gifted with.

Your personal safety no matter where you are is very important, so let’s start with a few tips for traveling:
Some Basic Safety tips for female solo travelers I recommend.

👉🏼Start Small. If you`re new to solo travel or feeling uncertain, start small. Plan a weekend trip nearby or treat yourself to a solo meal. Familiarize yourself with the logistics of traveling alone, like public transportation and accommodation, and practice being comfortable in your own company. Once you`re more confident, expand your horizons and wanderlust with more solo adventures

👉🏾Research Your Destination
Research is key when it comes to solo travel. Before you go, read up on your destination, including the culture, customs, and local laws. This will help you understand what to expect and how to respect the local culture. It’s also a good idea to research your accommodation options and read reviews from other solo travelers.

👉🏻Be Confident
Confidence is key when it comes to solo travel. Remember that you are capable of navigating new places and situations on your own. Walk with purpose, make eye contact, and use body language that communicates confidence. If you’re feeling nervous, fake it ’til you make it – the more you act confident, the more confident you’ll feel.

Read more about travel advice and tips over on the blog-link in bio.

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What has been your most transformative travel experience?

I have been so privileged to have shared many transformational travel experiences with the women I host on retreat, but this is not before I experienced my own.

After all, it was my personal travel experiences that shaped my business and how I want to help women have their own purposeful adventures!

Purposeful and Transformational Travel are pretty big words and expectations to put on your next adventure.
But we all actually travel for an intention, we just might not acknowledge it.
Reasons might be to have a break from work (REST), it might be to connect with family and friends (LOVE), it might be to see a new country and experience a new culture (GROWTH) there is a transformation happening whether you know it or not.

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Sometimes we have to look back to see how far we have come!
My journey with founding and operating a travel company has been a roller coaster, especially during the pandemic when it would have been very easy to give up.
But that’s when, now I need to remind myself I have facilitated 18 local retreats, 5 Bali retreats and 1 retreat in the Cook Islands, encouraging over 130 women to explore the world and by doing so rediscover different elements in their lives.
I have built an online community of nearly 1000 fabulous women all interested in solo travel and encouraging each other.
I have helped others build their own amazing purposeful travel itineraries and completed a certification in travel and tourism (right in the middle of the pandemic 🤪) and I’m now an internationally certified travel coach.
In 2024 I have a sold out retreat in Ball, will be taking a fabulous group of women to explore Cuba and have x3 local retreats coming up.
I am a person who can easily pick out my faults and shortcomings, and singing my praises does not come naturally. But we all do need to celebrate our wins, as quite often it has taken us a lot to get there!
Pop a win you have had in the comments and let’s celebrate together. 🩵🧡🩵

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Join us! Women Only Tour of Cuba - Limited spots available.
This is a great time to start planning your adventures for 2024.
A highlight for this year is our tour to Cuba!!! 🇨🇺

Are you ready for an unforgettable Cuban journey designed by women, for women?
Embark on a Cultural Journey with Wanderlust Solo Women Tours (yours truly) as your host and experience the vibrant heart of Cuba like never before.

This is not just a tour; it`s a transformative adventure!
A Fun 8-day Cultural experience, which focuses on supporting women in Cuba, and their businesses.
Throughout the tour we will meet some extraordinary Cuban women of all generations – restaurant/cafe/bar owners, local craftswomen, women in the Arts, and entrepreneurs.

Imagine 8 incredible days exploring Cuba`s rich culture, colorful streets, and warm-hearted locals.
🧍🏻‍♀️For solo female travelers, this is the perfect opportunity to build confidence through travel, surrounded by a supportive sisterhood. 👭
Don`t have a travel buddy? No problem! Join us and make lifelong friendships on the road.
Mark your calendars for November 7th, 2024 – the journey of a lifetime begins. Grab it now and secure your spot!
Payment plan’s available.
Curious about what awaits you in Cuba?
Highlights of your Cuban Adventure:
Salsa dance your heart out in Havana.
Savor Cuban cuisine and the women behind it
Immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene.
Explore the hidden gems of Trinidad.
Bond with like-minded women who share your passion for adventure!
Ready to make your dreams of Cuba a reality?
Join us and let`s create memories that will last a lifetime!
Book your spot now and let the countdown to Cuba begin!
Only x4 spots left!
DM me for all the information or schedule a call to discuss if this tour is the right fit for you!

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Remember to make your travel experience 𝗙𝗨𝗡!
It can be overwhelming planning a holiday, ticking everything required off, packing, accommodation options, the list goes on.
But you can make your trip a bit more fun, by having someone help you out and put the JOY back into your adventure.

Whether you join a small group tour, or retreat to lessen the load of organising everything. Or the option to get advice from a travel coach or advisor, to support you, there are ways to make your entire journey fun!

Get in touch if you think I can help you in your JOURNEY.

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It’s time for YOU!

Believe me there is nothing better than taking a little “time out” for yourself.

As women we always put others first. Our retreats make you the priority,


Conscious travel. Connect with nature and the community.

With us you really do get to travel like a local not a tourist.



While seeing as much as you can is important, so is having time to just RELAX!

We build in time for you to do just that.


One of the most important things we are about is having FUN.

Do what you love or try something new!


Come and explore some of the gorgeous spots here on the Coromandel Peninsula.

From stunning waterfalls, bush tracks and beautiful beaches.


With our tours & retreats you get to build a great supportive tribe of like-minded women,

that encourage and inspire each other.


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Check out the videos from YouTube

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