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About Wanderlust Solo Women Tours

What are we about & who are we for.

Are YOU dreaming of travel? * Don’t know where to start? * No friends that can commit to traveling with you? * Tired of living vicariously through travel bloggers and IG feeds? * Time for a change and a much-needed break? * Tired of not “fitting in” to an age bracket. * Want a new wanderlust women tribe? You don't have to be single to join us, just have a passion for travel, a open mind and we will take care of the rest.

Welcome to Wanderlust Solo Women Tours.

Started here in New Zealand by Gina, who wanted to share her passion for travel and meeting people.


After traveling the world solo she knew how this changed her life, built confidence and life long friendships. She noticed how some women wanted to travel but just didn't know where to start, either because they had no one to travel with or just lacked the confidence, and that's where WANDERLUST SOLO WOMEN TOURS was born!


Fun, flexible, bespoke small group women’s tours. We aim to assist you to expand your horizons, build confidence, form enduring friendships and have a fabulous time doing so! Women of all walks of life are warmly welcomed and encouraged to join our tours and retreats while enjoying taking time out for themselves.


Take the road less traveled with us and travel like a local, not a tourist!

You’ll enjoy beautiful sites whilst tasting delicious locally produced food and discovering some great secrets only the locals know. We incorporate taking in the sites, meditation/yoga, outdoor activities and optional extras with plenty of laughs along the way. Treating your Mind, Body and Soul.


Come and relax in Rarotonga, bliss out in Bali and reconnect in the Coromandel,NZ.

Our intimate groups allow for strong friendships and connections to be made as well as allowing for flexibility.


Here at Wanderlust Solo Women Tours we are believers in love in all forms, including that for the earth. As such, we run a conscious business, with eco. ethical and community efforts to make sure that we are treating everyone fairly and giving back to our planet. For more on our sustainability ethos. Check out Our ethos-conscious-business. link to find out more.


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